Live Recordings

These are recordings I edited and/or mixed after the performance. They were all single take recordings from live events. There are no re-recorded parts.



2014 - Singer/songwriter cover, Victory Church

Source: Multitrack recorder.

Instruments: Keyboard, bass

Other instruments and vocals were present at the time of the performance but not included in this mix.



2013 - Church service, Victory Church

Source: Multitrack recorder.

Instruments: Acoustic guitar (2x), banjo, electric guitar, fiddle, drums, bass

Another engineer recorded the Christmas Eve service and passed the multitrack along to me for editing and mixing. Features multiple segments of songs and speakers. There was no recorded track for the primary acoustic guitar in the song at 32:00, so I had to attempt to pull it out of a nearby vocal mic...



2013 - Celtic rock instrumental, Victory Church

Source: Single mono AUX output from the mixer, which was basically a copy of the main mix.

Instruments: Acoustic guitar, fiddle, electric guitar, drums, bass

This was done during my transition from hobbyist to aspiring mix engineer. Three song instrumental medley by Fiddler's Wage, a local Celtic rock band. This was before the church bought the multitrack recorder. I tried to capture the live feel of the original performance and give it a little bit of a stereo image.



Studio Work


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